Maternal Health

Gingivitis During Pregnancy 

To maintain a healthy pregnancy, expectant mothers must take special care to maintain a wide range of new habits. But it can take more than just exercise and a good diet to give your baby the best chance of a healthy delivery. Oral health plays a bigger role in the health of your baby than you might realize.

Many expectant mothers wonder, "Can gum disease harm my unborn baby?" Studies show that there is a strong connection between low birth-weight babies and periodontal disease. Inflammation in the gums due to gingivitis and other forms of periodontitis can harm on unborn babies, increasing the likelihood of premature births, low birth weight, preeclampsia, and miscarriage.

Pregnant mothers with periodontal disease have a:

  • 30-50% higher risk of giving birth pre-term
  • 800% higher risk of giving pre-term birth if their peritonitis is moderate or worse

Oral Care During Pregnancy

Periodontal disease is caused by certain types of bacteria in the gums, such as Porphyromonas gingivalis, Tannerella forsythia, Treponema denticola, and Fusobacterium nucleatum. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause oral bacteria to build up, including those that cause periodontitis. A 2011 study found that 40% of pregnant women have some form of periodontal disease.

How We Can Help

At Shadow Mountain Health Group, we work with the oral health professionals at Shadow Mountain Dental Group to include oral care as part of your health maintenance regimen during pregnancy. Salivary diagnostic testing is one way to assess your risk of periodontal disease and the associated risks to your baby.

If you're wondering, "Why are my gums swollen while pregnant?" call us today. By addressing the Mouth-Body Connection® for whole-body health, we can provide expectant mothers your best chance of healthy pregnancies.